Vol. 2 No. 2; February 2013

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

Vol. 2, No. 2      |        February 2013

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 Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Mohammed, A. B., Ayanlere, A. F., Ekenta, C. M. and Mohammed, S. A.

Cost and Return Analysis of Pepper Production in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State.

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Igwe, K. C., Okwusiunor, C. C. and Igwe, C. O. K.

Socioeconomic Characteristics and Revenue Determinants of Harvested Rain Water for Dry Season Agriculture in Delta State, Nigeria.

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Chukwukere, N. S.

Major Factors Affecting the Use of Fertilizer by Rice Farmers in Imo State, Nigeria

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Obinna, L. O. and Chukwu, G. O.

Women in Community Development: A Case Study of Chinyereugo Age Group in Abia State, Nigeria.

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Chukwukere, N. S.

Effects of Subsidy Rates on Fertilizer Use in Imo State: 1990-2009.

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Olagoke O. O., Oyelere G. O. and Sadiq M. M

Contributions of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPS) to Livelihoods in Ibarapa Central Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Odoemelam, L. E. and Onumadu, F. N.

Strategic Extension Campaign Methodology on Integrated Pest Management Control among African Garden Egg (Solanum macrocarpon) Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria.

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  Agronomy/Plant Science

Daure, G. L., Lenka, D. M. and Beta, N. K.

Biomass Production and Weed Suppression Ability of Some Leguminous Crops in Jos Plateau Nigeria.

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Adnan A. A., Mannir S. and Joseph N. A.

Yield and Quality of Watermelon as affected by Poultry Manure, GA3 concentrations and Intra-row spacing in the Sudan Savannah Agro-ecology.

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Daure, G. L., Kuchinda, N. C., Abubakar, I. U. and Aliyu, L.

Contributions of Some Growth Parameters to Tuber Yield of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) At Kuru Nigeria

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Ige, P.O. and Erhabor, L.O.

Crown-Diameter Prediction Models for Triplochiton Scleroxylon (K. Schum) in Onigambari Forest Reserve, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Daure, G. L., Danbaba, A. K. and Chibuzo, A. C.

Growth and Yield Response of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) to Various Rates of Cow Horn Meal, Urea and N: P: K Fertilizers.

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Adenekan, M. O., Ilori, T. A., Adewumi, I. O. and Yusuff, A. A.

Influence of Artificial Defoliation on the Growth and Yield of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench).

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Chigbundu, C. E., Atasie, V. N., Falope, F. Y., and Bamisedun ,F. A.

Biosorption of phenol from aqueous solution onto Carica papaya seed – (retrograde adsorption).

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Wailare, M. A., Rislanu, S. M., Umar, I. and Abdullahi, U. S.

Effects of Cultivar and Poultry Manure Rate on Growth of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench.) at Bagauda, Kano State, Nigeria.

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Animal Science/Fisheries

Abejide. O., Ayo. J. O.  and Opoola. E

Effects of Ascorbic Acids on Rectal Temperature in Yankasa Sheep Starved of Feed and Water for 12 hours.

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Daure, G. L, Akpa, G. N. and Fatima, M.

Incidence of Wattle and Hair Type in Yankasa Sheep and Their Effects on Litter Size and Body Weight of Lambs.

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Pest Management

Daure, G. L., Dalyop, T. Y. and Vou, F.

Effects of Ground Neem Seed And Earth–up Interval on Field Infestation of Potato Tuber Moth (Plutella  xylostella L.) at  Kuru.

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Shehu, A. A.

Studies on Enteric Bacteria and Proximate Composition of `Balangu` (Ready-To- Eat Meat Product) Sold in Dambatta Town, Kano-Nigeria.

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Soil and Environmental Science

Aliyu M.

Soil Fertility and Salinity / Sodicity Status of a Newly Established Research Farm Kust, Wudil Kano State.

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