Vol. 2 No. 3; March 2013

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

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 Vol. 2, No. 3      |        March 2013

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 Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Enwerem, V. A., Ohajianya, D. O., Echetama, J. A., Okereke-Ejiogu, N. and Ukpongson M. A.

Multivariate Logistic Analysis of Farmer-To-Farmer Transfer of Improved Rice Variety in Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

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Alade, O. A., Ademola, A. O.and Eniola, P. O.

Roles of Irrigated Agriculture in Improving Rural Women Welfare in Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Chukwu, A. O. and Nwaiwu J. C.

Analysis of Situational Factors and Technology Appropriateness in Adoption of Alternate Row in Yam/Maize/Cassava/Melon Technology in Imo State, Nigeria.

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Obinna, L. O. and Unamma, R. P. A.

Effects of Women’s Cooperatives on Livelihood of Members in Abia State, Nigeria.

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Lemchi, J., Ifeanyi-obi, C. C. and Obodo, P. C.

Effects of Formal Credit Utilization on Production of Plantain in Ogba/Ndoni L.G.A, Rivers State.

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Chukwu, A. O.

Farmer Perception of the Effectiveness of Extension Principles in Extension Delivery in Owerri Agricultural zone, Imo State, Nigeria.

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Agbongiarhuoyi, A. E., Uwagboe, E. O., Adebiyi, S., Ndagi, I. and Aigbekaen, E. O.

Gender Involvement in Primary Coffee Beans Processing Practices in Kogi State of Nigeria.

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Iheke, O. R. and Ogbu, O. M.

Assessing Poverty Alleviation through Rural - Urban Linkage in Abia State, Nigeria.

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  Agronomy/Plant Science

Adebisi, A. A., Oke, D. O., Oriire, L. T. and Adegoke, I. A.

Effects of Supplemental Application of Phosphorus Fertilizer on Maize Growth in Gliricidia Sepium-Maize Alley Cropping System.

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Wailare, M. A., Rislanu, S. M., Umar, I. and Abdullahi, U. S.

Effects of Poultry Manure Rate on Yield Components of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench.) at Bagauda, Kano State, Nigeria.

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Alaje, M. A., Sangotoyinbo, O. A., Alaje, I. V., Akinola, O. A., Akhideno, L. O. and Owoeye, E. A.

Effects of Soil Media on the Germination of Garcinia kola.

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Wailare, M. A., Aliyu, M., Umar, I., Aliyu, U. and Abdullahi, U. S.

Yield of Groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.) varieties as affected by Varying Intra-Row Spacings in the Sudan Savannah Agro-Ecology.

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Owolabi, J. F. and Opoola, E.

Effects of Moringa Extracts on (Celosia argentea) Soko TLV8 in a Screen House.

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Nwaogu, E.N.

Effects of Organo-mineral Fertilization on Nitrogen, Yield and Yield Sustainability Responses of Maize in Rainforest Ecology of South Eastern Nigeria.

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Oladipo, F. Y., Chigbundu, C. E., Atasie, V. N., and Iyeimo, I.

Extraction, Purification and Analysis of Mucuna sloanei Seed Gum.

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Onyeneke, E. N. and Ekezie, F. C.

Effects of Chemical Pre-treatments on the Microbial Quality and Sensory Properties of the Edible mushroom- Pleurotus Tuberegium

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 Animal Science/Fisheries

Akinyemi, I. G., Onyeanusi, A. E. and Ukpe, N. E.

Cannibalism in Nursing: A Threat to Cane Rat Multiplication for Food Security in Nigeria.

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Idoko, A. F., Ogbe, F. G. and Adamu, S.

Growth Performance of Elephant Snout Fish (Hyperopisus bebe occidentalis) (Mormyridea) Fingerlings Fed Pelleted Diet in Pond Culture.

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 Soil and Environmental Science

Aliyu M.

Determination of Organic Carbon of the Fadama Area of Newly Established Research Farm KUST, Wudil, Kano State.

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Onyekwere, I. N., Udealor, A., Ezenwa, M. I. S. and Eze, P. C.

Suitability Evaluation of Olokoro Soils in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria for Cassava / Upland Rice Intercrops.          

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Aliyu, M. and Wailare, M. A.

Agrochemical Characteristic of Turf-Podzolic Soil, Chernigoskaya Forest Region, Ukraine.

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Kamalu, O. J., Wokocha, C. C. and Jack-Kurotamunoye, A. S.

Impact of Oil and Gas Production on Soil Quality in Sombreiro Warri Deltaic Plain: Case Study of Obagi Field.

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Lawal, J. O. and Omonona, B. T.

Unlocking the Roles of Agricultural Research in Achieving Food Security in Nigeria.

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Njoku, A. O.

South Sudan: A Historical Perspective on the Challenges and Prospects of the Africa’s 54th Nation – State.

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Aboderin, O. S. and Kumuyi, G. J.

Problems and Prospects of E-Learning in Curriculum Implementation in Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria.

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Anaeto, F. C., Asiabaka, C. C., Onweagba, A. E., Onu, D. O., Ohajianya, D. O., Nnadi, F. N., Ugwoke, F. O., Ajaero, J. O., Aja, O. O., Ibe, M., Chikaire, J., Nwankwasi, N. R., Anyoha, N. P., Okereke, N. E. and Ukponson, M. A.

Use of Extension Education/Services as Policy Instrument for Meaningful Agricultural and Rural Development in Nigeria.

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Muhammad A.

Seasonal Variations of Temperature and Prevalence of Miningitis and Skin Rashes in Dala, Kano Metropolis.

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