Vol. 2 No. 8; August 2013

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

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Vol. 2, No. 8      |      August 2013

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Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Oladimeji, Y. U., Abdulsalam, Z., Damisa, M. A. and Galadima, S. A.

Structure and Profitability of Rural Artisanal Fishing in Edu and Moro Local Government Areas of Kwara State, Nigeria.

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Odoemelam, L. E. and Onuekwusi, G. C.

Effects of ICTS-Based Agricultural Extension Services in Enhancing the Well-Being of Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria.

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Olukotun, O., Aaron, J. A., Morgan, V. O., Isola. B. F., Bala, U. J., and Ayodele, J. T.

Economic Analysis of Catfish Farming in Four Selected Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

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Obasi, I. O. and Egeruka, K.

Determinants of Volume of Micro Finance Banks (MFBS) Credits among Small Scale Farmers in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

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Ukoha, I. I., Orebiyi, J. S., Eze, C. C., Henri-ukoha, A., Nwaiwu, I. O. U and Maduike, I. A.

Loan Default by Smallholder Farmers in Imo State: Review Process, Recovery Strategies and Preventive Measures.

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Olukotun, O.,  Onwuegbunam, N. E., Oni, B. O., Odidi, O. D. and Ayodele, J. T.

Effects of Credit Facilities on Output of Maize Farmers in Soba Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

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Coster, A. S. and Sebiomo, A. A.

Impact of Extension Delivery Services on Agricultural Waste Management in Ogun State, Nigeria.

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Nwosu, C. S. and Chidebelu, S. A. N. D

Economic Analysis of Crude Oil Exploration and Exploitation Effects on Cassava Based Crop Mixture Enterprise in Imo State, Nigeria.

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Aniedu, C., Aniedu, O. C. and Nwakor, N.

Impact and Adoption of Value Added Innovations in Root and Tuber Crops among Farmers in Cross River State, Nigeria.

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Olukotun, O., Ayodele, J. T., Onwuegbunam, N. E.,  Odidi, O. D., and Oni, B. O.

Economic Analysis of Catfish Farming in Kaduna South and Igabi Local Government Areas, Kaduna State.

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Agronomy and Plant Science

Akinyemi, O. R., Adebisi, A. A., Odeyale, O. C. and Ogunwale, A. R.

Influence of Rooting Hormones on the Vegetative Propagation of Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis).

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Kutama, A. S., Binta, U. B., Umar, S. and Umar, M. L.

Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on the Growth and Disease Incidence of Groundnut Leaf Spot Caused by Cercospora Arachidicola.

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Oyewale, R. O., Idowu, G. A., Ibrahim, H. M. and Bello, L. Y.

Phosphorus Application Infleunced Yield and Chemical Composition of Snake Tomato (Trichosanthes  cucumerina L.)

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Animal Science and Fisheries

Garba, A., Oyawoye, E. O., Doma, U. D. and Saidu, I.

Carcass Characteristics and Economics of Broiler Production Fed Graded Levels of Cooked Sweetpotato Meal.

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 Ige, A. O. and Salako, A. E.

Genetic Architecture of Body Weight and Growth Traits of Fulani and Yoruba Ecotype Chicken in Derived Savannah Zone of Nigeria.

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Garba, A. and Mohammed, I. D.

Live-weight Estimation of Sheep using Body Measurements.

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Babajide, S. E., Ogundipe, S. O., Bawa, G. S. and Makinde, O. J.

Effects of Dietary Supplementations of Vitamins C or E on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Haematological Parameters of Japanese Quails in a Tropical Environment.

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 Pest Management

Kalu, U. U., Alabi, O., Alegbejo, M. D. and Akpa, A. D.

Incidence and Severity of Anthracnose (Colletotrichum  graminicola Cesati Wils.) as Influenced by Sorghum Cultivars and Foliar Spray With Benomyl.

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Bello, L. Y., Chindo, P. S., Mamud, A. Y., Oyewale, R. O. and Asorose, A. I.

Inhibitory Effects of the Leaf Extract of Mitracarpus villosus on Egg Hatch of Meloidogyne incognita at Different Concentrations.

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Kutama, A. S. Umar, S., Umar, M. L. and Abdullahi, T.

Screening for the Occurrence of Aflatoxin Producing Fungi in Drought Affected Groundnut Seeds in Katsina State, Nigeria.

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 Food Science and Technology

Adedokun, I. I., Nwokeke, B. C., Onyeneke E. N. and Osuji, C. N.

Bambaranut: Potential Source of Improvement on Nutritional and Functional Characteristics of Cassava-Based ‘Gari’ Quality.

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Koyejo, O. A. and Okonkwo, H. O.

Storage Methods and Temperature Variation on the Preservation of Cola Lepidota K. Schum Fruit

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 Engineering and Technology

Adewumi, I. O., Ijadunola, J. A., Augustus, E. O., Omoyajowo, O. A. and Oladejo, L. F.

ICT & Agricultural Education: Teaching Model of Wireless Network Installation

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Nwaogwugwu, C. N. and Opara, F. K.

Issues Considered in Developing Standard Software for Cyber Securities

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Uzoka, R. N. and Mpama, C. I.

Fundamental Roles of Emotional and Psychical Development in Teaching and Learning of the Nigerian Child.

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Uwanamodo, O. A., Awa, P. C., and Ikpeama, M. O.

Retrospective Conversion: A necessity for effective library and information services in Nigeria.

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Osuolale, K. A., Oniyide, O. R. and Shobanke, D.

Estimating and Quantifying Measurement Error for a Simple Numeric Data in Sample Survey.

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Nnaedozie, C. A. and Uzoka, R. N.

The Power of Anxiety in Sports Achievement of Nigerian Secondary School Students.

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Yusuf, W. A. and Osuolale, K. A.

Effects of Government Spendings and Monetary Policy on Agricultural Output in Nigeria (1980-2012).

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