Vol 5. No. 3; March 2016

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

 Vol. 5, No. 3      |      March 2016

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Agronomy and Plant Science

Oti, R. N. M., Ohaeri, J.E. and Chukwu, G. O.

Evaluation of Palm Bunch, Palm Leaves, Cocoa Pods, Cocoa Leaves and Poultry Dropping Residues as Mulch in Cocoyam Production in Ultisols of South Eastern Nigeria.

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Usman, U. N., Raji, B. A., Malgwi, W. B., Odunze, A. C., and Amodu, J. T.

Effects of Long-Term and Short-Term Perennial Pastures and Legumes on Soil Quality in the Northern Guinea Savanna.

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Oti, R. N. M., Eke-Okoro, O. N., Chukwu,  L. I., Ohaeri, E. J., Adiele, A., and Onyenobi, V. O.

Agronomic Manipulation of Some Growth and Yield Components of Yam to Improve Ware Yam Production.

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Animal Science and Fisheries

Sanusi, M., Saidu, I., Garba, A. and Ali, Y. Z.

Carcass Characteristics and Economics of Broiler Product Fed Graded Levels of Grasshopper Meal.

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Applied Science

Sadiq, I. S., Duruminiya, N. I., Balogun, J. B., kwada, D. and Izuagie, T.

Nutritional and Anti-nutritional Value of Tamarind Fruit (Tamarindus indica).

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Olisa, Y. P., Amos, A. E. and Asima, M.

The Design and Fabrication of an Experimental Chicken Egg Incubator.

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Okoye, J. I, Ojimelukwe, P. C., Ukom, A. N.

Nutritional Quality of Wheat Biscuits Fortified with Soybean and Bambara Groundnut Flours.

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Amaechi, N. C., Nwachukwu, A. N. and Onuoha, A. E.

Mineral, vitamin and phytochemical constituents of Lecaniodiscus cupanioides (Planch. ex Benth) leaves consumed as traditional leafy vegetable by Izii clan, Ebonyi State Nigeria.

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Nkom P. Y., Morah, F. N. I. and Ushie, O. A.

Chemical Composition, Phytochemistry and Antimicrobial Activity of Eleusine indica (Indian Goose Grass).

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Pest Management

Minta, M. D., Malgwi, A. M. and 3Adamu, H. L.

Efficacies of Systemic Synthetic Insecticides and Cropping Systems on the Control of Insect Pests and Yield of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) in 2011 Cropping Season in Yola, Nigeria.

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Saidu, I. and Garba, A.

Incidence of Dermatophilosis in Cattle in Bauchi State, Nigeria: A Review.

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Olotuah, O. F.

The Use of Chrysopogon zizanioides Extracts in the Control of Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana) and Sugar Ants (Camponotus consobrinus).

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Azeez, A. A., Akeredolu, O. A., Gbadebo, J. O., Arabambi, V. I. and Ogunbela, A. A.

Human Activities and Its Impacts on the Sustainability of Wetland Areas: Case Study of Wetland Resources in Nigeria.

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