Vol. 8, No. 4; April 2019

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

Vol. 8, No. 4      |      April 2019

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  Agronomy and Plant Science

Adewale, G. M., Mohammed, I. B. and Garko, M. S.

Correlation and Path Analysis in Growth, Development, Yield Components and Yield of Sesame as Influence by Weed Control Method and Fertilizers in Kano State, Nigeria.

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Bassey, M. S., Olaniyan, O. B., Onotugoma, E., Sheriff, A. B. and Onwuegbu, M. C.

Effects of Fallowing and Nitrogen Application on Striga Infestation and Maize Performance.

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 Applied Science

Falana, A. R.

The Growth Study of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq.) Benth Seedlings as Influenced by Bamboo Charcoal (Powder) and Horse dung.

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