Vol. 10, No. 2; February 2021

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

 Vol. 10, No. 2      |      February 2021

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  Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Shittu, A. O.

Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on Human Resource Management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

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 Agronomy and Plant Science

Amali, P. E., Dung, B, R. and Daure, G. L.

Effect of Organic Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Two Varieties of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

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Animal Science

Akinwumi1, O.A., Odunsi1, A.A., Adebayo1, G. O, Akande2, T.O., Rafiu1, T.A., and Olawuyi1, B. S.

Microbial Assay and Proximate Composition of Suya Meat (An Intermediate Moisture Meat) In Osun and Oyo States, South West Nigeria.

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Tamuno-alaDaboye, F. and Ekine, D. I.

The Impact of Value Added Tax on the Manufacturing Industry in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Nigerian Breweries (2000-2018).

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Ibenneme, O. T. and Akinlabi, W. I.

Effects of Mother Tongue as a Medium of Instruction on Students’ Academic Achievement in Blocklaying/Bricklaying and Concreting in Oyo State Technical Colleges.

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Ojeyemi, F. O.

Full Adoption of e-Learning in Nigerian MDIs: Prospects, Challenges and the Future.

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