Vol. 5, No. 10; October 2016

International Journal of Applied Research and Technology

ISSN 2277-0585

 Vol. 5, No. 10      |     October 2016

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Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Sociology

Bala, A. H., Abdullahi, S., Ibrahim, Z. I. and Garba, A.

Analysis of Household Consumption Pattern of Locally Milled Rice in Bauchi Metropolis, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

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Idu, M. A. and Sunday, O. A.

Gender and Access to Agricultural Credit in Abia State, Nigeria.

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 Agronomy and Plant Science

Chukwu, L.I., Ano, A.O. and Asawalam, D. O.

Dynamics of Some Properties of an Ultisol and Nutrient Uptake in a Maize (Zea mays L.) Cropping System under Organo-Mineral Fertilization.

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 Applied Science

Ukom, A. N., Azubuike, G. O. and Nwanagba, N. L.

Varietal differences in the chemical Composition and functional properties of some Sweet Potatoes varieties grown in Umudike, Nigeria.

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Yusuff, A. Q., Osikabor, B., Adams, B. A., Adedeji, M. S. and Tunde-Francis, A. A.

Comparative and Statistical Analysis of the Economic Effect and Strength of Pavers Made from Milicia excelsa and Gmelina arborea Sawdust

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Echioda, S., Salisu, S., Yelwa, A., Danladi, Y. D. and Hadiza, R. S

Variation in Levels of Physiochemical, Microbiological and Heavy Metal Levels of Borehole, Tap and Well Water Samples in Kano Municipal, Kumbotso and Tarauni LGA of Kano State, Nigeria, West Africa.

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Baba, B., Nabegu, A. B., Yusuf, R. O., and Mustapha, A.

Assessment of Heavy Metal Content in Fish, River water and Sediment, and it Impact to Human Health in Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

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Osuagwu, A. N. and Uche, B. O.

Antimicrobial and Phytochemical Analysis of the Leaves and Stem of Three Wild Plants.

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Yusuff, A. Q., Adedeji, M. S., Adams, O. T., Odewale, M. O. and Adewoye, A. A.

Comparative Analysis of the Cost and Strength of Different Coarse Aggregate in Pavers Production.

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 Pest Management

Eziashi, E. I., Douro, O. K., Odigie, E. E., Adekunle, A. A., Chidi, N. I. and Omoregie, K. O.

Biological Control: Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana as Bioinsecticide for the Control of Termites Macrotermes subhyalinus.

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Yusuff, A. Q., Adams, B. A., Adegbite, A. R., Adedeji, M. S. and Tunde-Francis, A. A.

Empirical Verification of Different Brands of Cement on the Cost, Strength and Durability of Pavers.

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Bappah, B. A., Nabegu, A. B., Akpu, B. and Mustapha, A.

Constraints to Municipal Solid Waste Management in Bauchi Metropolis, Nigeria.

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Okwunodulu, I. N. and Okwunodulu, F. U.

Optimization of Tropical Storage Stability of Some Micronutrient Content of Fortified Predigested Soymilk for Complementary Feeding.

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Ayanda, I. F., Oyekunle, O., Salau, S. A., Salawu, O. L. and Oose, M. O.

Pest Control and Innovation Generation for Sustainable Agricultural Development by Nigerian Stored Product Research Institute, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

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